The Swiss pine bed is the new viagra

Sex is still a taboo in some cultures, but in some others one can speak openly about it. However, everyone wants to have a healthy sex life because this physical activity can take all your extra stress away and, if practised on a regular basis, it improves your self-esteem, providing you with satisfaction, motivation and power in order to achieve your day to day goals.

Although it is not always easy to keep a healthy sex life, there are some common tips and tricks that you can follow. A balanced diet full of vitamins, some soft sport routines and a good social environment are important to increase or just maintain your sexual appetite. Sleeping well is a plus. Sure you heard that before. But how about other alternatives that you can explore in order to add some passion to your nights?

No, I am not (only) talking about sex toys here, although you can also try that out during your games with your partner (some interesting shops like Orion offer a big range of interesting products that can inspire you). I am also not referring to the famous viagra, but this neither means you should discart it as a helping method when everything else is not working.

Swiss pine bed: This is how a swiss pine tree looks like.
This is how a Swiss pine tree looks like.

I am talking about something different, a bit more longlasting. Perhaps a new substitute for viagra. Ever heard of the Swiss pine? It is a type of tree that grows in the Alps and Carpathian Mountains of central Europe, mainly in Poland (Tatra Mountains), Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia (Tatra Mountains), Ukraine and Romania. The smell of this wood has proven to have a relaxing effect on the sleeping, because the heart beats slower and improves the recovery process if you suffer from sleeping disorders. For more information, check out this study about the Swiss pine wood.

The magic effect the Swiss pine bed can have on your sex relationships

This means that, so far, you have been having sex in the wrong bed… or, let’s say so, you could do better: try a Swiss pine bed! It happens often in a relationship that one of the partner says „I don’t want to have sex because I am tired“, „I haven’t slept well“, „I am not feeling well“ or „I’m feeling down due to the sudden weather change“. Of course, these are all sentences that will not desappear inmediately, but if you give the Swiss pine bed a try, these problems can be long-term reduced, since your rest will get better. The particular scent of the Swiss pine bed induces you to be romantic and you will feel more attracted to your partner. The better sleep will affect you positively and you will see this renewed energy translated into an increase of your desire.

A Swiss pine bed is not that difficult to get. The internet has made our lives easier and you can find a lot of offers within a few clicks. I can recommend you an Austrian shop located in Innsbruck, Tyrol, which delivers some really good Swiss pine products, also beds. I have bought mine there and they are trustworthy and competent. It is called 4betterdays and, even though the Swiss pine bed is a pricy product, you can see it as an investment for better sleep and a better sex life. Maybe you save money on viagra later on.

The philosophy of this shop is also cool, they only sell natural, handmade and sustainable products from the Alps region, which means that they also avoid importing raw materials from other places of the world which are too far away. If you are visiting Innsbruck or you live nearby, you can just drop by in the shop.

Don’t hesitate, seriously. Good sleep is essential for a good sex life. If you want to boost it, why don’t you give it a try? By the way, safe sex is also something which needs to be considered seriously. Be responsible and dont be ashamed of buying condoms. The timeliners have some tips for you, how to buy condoms and you can easily buy them at thatspersonal.

Now that I revealed my secret to you, it is your decision.

The Swiss pine bed is the new viagra
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