The reincarnation of Obertauern in India

One always says that best things come out of the blue, but I would never have thought that this could happen to me.

It all started this year in July, when I first visited the little Austrian town Obertauern. I was really amazed by this place and I wrote my first story about it. Afterwards I was asked by some people to write about a ski resort. Therefore, I wrote this article  “How to build the best ski resort in 10 steps.” I was not expecting this story to be as popular as it has become. People started to comment on this story and it got more than 10,000 likes. I was very overwhelmed and surprised. I really want to thank everyone for this support.

Then, almost a month later something happened, that I was not expecting at all – I was contacted by one of the biggest investment companies in India (right now I cannot reveal the name of the company). This company got to know about my story on Facebook. They asked me where they can find a ski resort, which can be built along “my” 10 steps since there isn’t  such a ski resort in India. I knew the answer straightaway: Obertauern in Austria fulfills these 10 steps.

After two days, they called me again and said, that they are interested in having their own ski resort with all these 10 steps. I could not believe what they said. They also asked me if I could gather  more information  about this place, Obertauern, because they want to recreate Obertauern in India.

In the next days  I began to contact people in Obertauern and Salzburg in order to get more exact details, how it all works there. Meanwhile, the investors  decided to recreate Obertauern in Narkanda, since Narkanda is located  2,621 meters above sea level and is also famous for its snow in India. But it lacks many facilities or still many steps a cool ski resort needs.

We also got nice responses  from Obertauern and they are going to provide us with more informations. Last week, I and the investors had our first meeting and we went through the very first plan for this wonderful project.

The first sketch of the reincarnation.
The first sketch of the reincarnation.

Concerning chairlifts, we are planing to contact Doppelmayr (one of the best companies for manufacturing lifts) in Austria and look forward to a great cooperation.

I am sure that my story inspires you to travel more and follow your dreams. Inspired travellers is a perfect platform, if you want to read more inspiring stories.

I really can’t tell you, how excited I am. This story is the story of my life. I want to tell this sensation to everyone I meet. Because, as a Hindu, I believe that souls reincarnate, but I did not know that a ski resort can also be reincarnated. This is simply fantastic.

The reincarnation of Obertauern in India
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