How to build the best ski resort in 10 steps!

This year in July, I had a chance to visit the city Salzburg and the nearby town Obertauern, which is well known for being one of the most interesting ski resorts in the Alpine Republic Austria. I also had the opportunity to share this great experience with my friends and other bloggers in India. The response from my friends was really out of the blue. They even asked me for some advice on how a ski resort can become great.  At the beginning I was overwhelmed and surprised by this kind of question, but then I thought that it is a really interesting topic. So, after having pondered over it, here I’ll try to give my advices for it.

So far you might have read “10 ways to lose weight”, “10 ways to impress a girl or boy”, “10 ways to quit smoking or drinking alcohol” and even “10 ways to quit Facebook”… but have you ever thought that you would read one day “How to build your own ski resort in 10 easy steps”?  Well, actually it’s true that you can make it to the best ski resort. Want to know how?

The height above sea level is an important factor for this natural snow
The height above sea level is an important factor for this natural snow

All you have to do is follow these simple 10 steps.

Step 1:

The very first tip is to get excited and mentally prepared because, if you follow my instructions correctly, you certainly are going to become the best ski resort in your region. If you cannot do this, then do not read the following steps, but do read “10 ways to get excited and mentally prepared” (as you can see, there is always a 10-steps-way to do things).

Step 2

The location of your ski resort matters the most because otherwise the snow is insufficient. You need more natural snow than artificial snow due to the quality and of course, you save money if you enjoy enough natural snow. Therefore, the height above sea level is an important factor for  this natural snow. The exposed position in the Alpine Divide will also come into play: due to this position more snow will be produced. I personally think that a snow disc valley does the best job, since it is also very practical when it comes to keep the entire resort gathered together.

Of course, you also need natural snow every year. The amount of natural snow is a major factor. By making sure that you have around 8,8 meters of natural snow every year, you are already being at the top of the game.

Skiing at night- wow, amazing and stunning.
Skiing at night- wow, amazing and stunning.

Step 3

In order to become the best, your ski resort should be at least at a height of between 1,630 and 2,526 metres above sea level. You need to look for an area that is spacious enough, because you want your ski resort to have many different facilities. Furthermore, by being different and special you can achieve success easier, because you get an advantage over your competitors.

Step 4

As I have already mentioned in step 2, it is all about natural snow, but the depth of snow matters the most. If you really want to become the best ski resort owner, you should make sure that the snow depth is around 258 centimeters per year on average.

Step 5

Now you got the area covered with fresh and deep snow, so let’s focus on the duration of the snow cover now, which is another important issue. If you can manage a proper snow cover that lasts about 214 days each year (usually from November till May), you are on the good way.

You should manage a proper snow cover that lasts about 214 days each year
You should manage a proper snow cover that lasts about 214 days each year

I received this weather study about Obertauern from a friend of mine but, since it’s in German, I couldn’t read it, but it was translated for me. This study says that Obertauern is one of the locations with the best amount and quality snow in Austria.

Step 6

You need ski slopes. Obviously. About 100 slopes-kilometers is a reasonable area that you can bear in mind. These kilometres also have to be divided into three levels of difficulty, so that all types of guests are included (beginners, advanced and pro) and able to recognize the slopes that match them best. Don’t forget that they have to be well signposted!

Ski slopes are usually classified by these colors:

  • 61 kms- easy (blue)
  • 35 kms- moderate (red)
  • 4   kms- difficult  (black)

Step 7

Certainly, your next step is to connect all the ski slopes in order that no one needs a car nor any kind of bus to reach them. It can only be done by providing 26 lift facilities in both directions clockwise and anticlockwise. Here some ideas of what you can get: one cabin cable car, 18 chair lifts, one combi chair-cabin cable car, six T-bar lifts.

This facility should make it possible that people can jump from the slope to the lift and reach town within a couple of minutes (even better, try to imagine that they reach a good restaurant or even a hairdresser only by using the lift facilities!) This service should be given a name, for example Ski resort round or circuit. If you have any further queries regarding lifts I would recommend you to contact Doppelmayr because they clearly stand out in this business.

Step 8

Apres ski is all about having fun. :)
Apres ski is all about having fun. 🙂

Yes, the skiing and the snow are the important factors for a ski resort, but you shouldn’t forget what happens after the sport session. Where do all the people go after the fun in the slopes? The magic words are apres-ski. Thus, a ski resort should have at least 25 ski Huts where the visitors can enjoy delicious food and also have some (or lots) of drinks. Remember that not everyone who comes to your ski resort necessarily wants to go skiing all the time. Even more, some people might come just for the parties. Therefore, you better make sure that you offer the best parties and also organize concerts at the ski-opening season (my personal tip to get inspiration: I heard that the town Obertauern in Austria hosts one of the most legendary apres skis areas in the whole Alps).

Step 9

Families with kids are also keen on spending their holidays on ski resorts, but they take into account the offer in facilities, so that they can spend a quality time together. That is why a ski resort is supposed to provide skiing schools, ski kindergarten, babysitting, and also some kind of training parks where little ones can enjoy a good and safe time without the parents.

Parents and kids are having a quality time.
Parents and kids are having a quality time.

Take into account that these places shouldn’t be very far away from each other, everything should be placed in the same area, so that people can easily reach them all at once. Therefore, the optimum location of a ski resort should be like a snow disc, as I already mentioned before.

P.S. If you want to know more about Skiing courses or winter sports in India, contact Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering.

Step 10

Skiing at night is a wonderful experience and it has to be the highlight of the ski resort. This should be called “Edelweiss-track” with a length of 1,5 kms. The best operating timings are Monday and Thursday from 19:00 until 22:00 o’clock. For this service you require at least one lift.

If you now feel like travelling to a ski resort then Tour My India can help you regarding this.

I personally think that if you can manage to meet these requirements for your ski resort, then you can really become the best ski resort in your surroundings.

Don’t forget to comment below on if you will follow these steps to achieve it. I wish you good luck for your ski resort!

How to build the best ski resort in 10 steps!
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